Q: What is the fluoride content of your toothpaste tabs?
A: The fluoride content is 1500ppm, roughly equal to most mainstream toothpastes.

Q: Are your toothpaste tabs cruelty free/vegan?
A: We don't have certification due to the cost of obtaining it, but the product isn't tested on animals and doesn't use any animal derived products.

Q: How do you package and ship your products?
A: We put a lot of time into our plastic free packaging, including paper tape, cardboard boxes, and giving office paper a new life as shredded packaging material.  We package all our products in paper-based products. For our toothpaste tabs you can choose from a paper envelope or a cardboard box.

Q: Are your toothpaste tablets gluten free suitable for a coeliac?
A: Yes! There is no gluten in the toothpaste tabs.

Are your shampoos and conditioners and tooth tabs vegan?
A: Yes, they are vegan! The only product we have that isn't vegan is our goat milk soap.